Returns and Refunds
Returns and Refunds

Return to Canada

You have a period of 7 days after receipt of your order to return your Bohtie COD or credit, if it does not suit you.
Please note that broken or damaged Bohties cannot be returned.

Refund times

You will receive an email to notify you when the reimbursement has been made.
Allow approximately 7 to 10 working days to allow time for our Workshop to process your return package.

My Bohtie has a small defect

Bohwood has only one obsession: the desire to offer you the prettiest creations there are. If your Bohtie has a small defect, contact our customer service at: [email protected]
Don’t forget to attach photos of the Bohtie in question to your message!
Nb: Remember that our Bohties are unique and handcrafted pieces AND not industrial products.