Where do you produce the Bohtie?

The Bohties are entirely made in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
The wooden part is shaped by craftsmen / craftswomen in Montreal cabinetmaking workshops.
The finishing on wood, embroidery, fasteners, seams and the assembly of Bohtie are made with love by the creator of the company Bohwood.

Why this price?

The Bohwood company likes fair prices.
The Bohtie are unique pieces, carefully prepared, piece by piece.

The price of each Bohtie includes:
– The raw material used.
– The manufacturing and confection which is made in workshops in Montreal, that is tell every minute and hour spent making every detail of Bohtie with love by little hands.

It’s a local product, made with delicacy and thoroughness, or a lot of steps required.

How to maintain my Bohtie?

To maintain your Bohtie , simply put it in its small pouch. Avoid leaving your Bohtie lying under a window in direct sunlight for weeks, wood is a living material that changes color to light.